Vicqui J Specific Sets

Name : Vicqui J
Shoe Size : 9
Are you ticklish? : Yes!
Posted: 10/12/2017 Model: Vicqui J
Description: Got a chance to meet up with Vicqui recently and of course, I wasted no time in getting her to show off her soles! They are filthy from the warehouse we met up at to take pics in. Watch as she spreads and curls her toes for you as she lays back looking innocently into the camera. Always a treat to get to show off this lovely footpunk. Video for this set coming soon, enjoy!
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Posted: 05/23/2017 Model: Vicqui J
Description: Vicqui J is back and hotter than ever. I finally got the chance to stop by to take a few pics and I was just blown away. Watch as we strip off her socks and she shows off her soft little toes. And it wouldn't be a foot set if she didn't shove her wrinkly soles in your face. Enjoy!
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Posted: 09/14/2016 Model: Vicqui J
Description: We don't focus on shoes much (because we are feet people, after all!) But we got some requests for sets with shoes on, so I snapped a few of Vicqui with her heels on for you guys to gawk at. Any Vicqui J is good Vicqui J, so make sure you check out all her on the site. Small set, but I'll be getting more from her (with better lighting) very soon!
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Posted: 07/28/2016 Model: Vicqui J
Description: These were from the very day that I asked her to model at the jewelry store. Soon as she got off work, she came straight to my house and let me slip off her shoes and film her little soles. That kind of adrenaline makes sets like this even better. She said she wants to do more sets soon, so hopefully we will get more of Vicqui J before you know it. Check it out!
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Posted: 06/19/2016 Model: NEW MODEL - Vicqui J
Description: I happened upon this lovely footpunk while walking through the mall and passing a jewelry store. I looked down and couldn't stop myself from asking her if she'd be interesting in shoving these feet into the camera for you guys, and here we are. Lotsa closeups of lovely toes and soles from our newest beauty, Vicqui J. Don't miss it!
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